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November 01, 2018

Haute Chocolate Hot Chocolate


Spiked Mexican inspired Cinnamon Chipotle hot chocolate with Mezcal

Ignite the fire inside with smoked chipotle peppers, melt down the sweet

fruit of the gods with our French inspired Peruvian cocoa and keep the

embers warm with the smooth taste of Mezcal's savory finish

Tools to brew the perfect spiked hot coco:

Haute Chocolate's Cinnamon Chipotle

Hot Chocolate, Mezcal Amarás

Califia Farms Organic Almond Homestyle

Nutmilk, cinnamon sticks,

1 cup measuring cup, 1 table spoon, 1 shot glass and

handheld milk frother.

Heat 1 cup of almond milk on stove top till hot, you will see steam develop

Lightly stir to avoid burning or developing a thin top skin. *DON'T BOIL*

Add two table spoons of hot chocolate mix to heated almond milk. Stir and

Let sit watching chocolate morsels melt. Its magical!! 

Add 1 shot of mezcal to cup or chalice

Marry hot chocolate and mezcal

Voilia!! Drank warming your heart body and soul

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